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Milk is a metaphor.

How does it work to name a culture that does not use their own word for "milk" as a metaphor to describe at least one more precious "thing" in their culture.

We have not been able to because:


Milk is a fundamental step in human survival - a process that starts when newborn babies in every culture require safe milk to survive at birth.


People in every culture think of their mother, consciously or subconsciously, when they think of their word for their mother's milk.

This is why  "milk" is a magic word in human psychology.



A story about that emotion and logic began when mothers in China feared melamine-tainted baby forumula in 2008.

8 years later, Bain & Co conducted a study showing a pattern of how consumers in China still felt about Australia.

"Australia is a good place to go to get safe milk powder."

This study reveals a larger pattern of which it is part - one of the largest patterns in human history.

"Humans constantly search for safe milk and all else this metaphor represents to ensure survival and growth."

This perspective helps create this economic theory: "Demand from inside the Valeriepieris Circle is pulling supply from outside." (51% of people on Earth live inside the Valeriepieris Circle.)

A less technical & more fundamental description sounds like this: "People are building roads to get milk like they built to get silk."

And a more matter-of-fact description is: "People are building milk roads."

A brief analysis of this pattern as a trend known as "The Milk Road Trend" starts here.