The journey is the “thing” that connects people who live inside and outside of this place.

The journey is the “thing” that connects & feeds these relationships.

Life is a journey.

A relationship is a journey.

The journey is the “”thing” we must take to reach promise land goals, visions & dreams.

The journey is the “thing” that grows Routes of Trade, Investment & Culture

The journey is the “thing” that scales Investment Trends into Investment Themes.

(Investors categorise different commercial movements as trends & themes so it’s easier to understand, think about, talk about and analyse them for investment.)

For Example:

After a mass milk poisoning led to the injury and deaths of many babies in 2008, Australian brand baby formula became a highly sought after product in China over the last ten years.

This consumer movement scaled into an economic phenomenon, trade & investment trend and theme.

It birthed new private business & companies with different business models.

ABC News publishes stories about this ongoing phenomenon like these here:

China’s thirst for baby formula creating problems for Australian shoppers and staff.

Two executed over China milk scandal

Emotional stories like these expand empathy.

This empathy mixes with business and politics.

It’s a big reason why life for Australians can feel pushed and pulled in surprising new ways.



Location, Location, Location

Mothers buying milk powder during that crisis demonstrated this fact:

The easiest way to get what you need is from people in your own time zone.

That fact underpins this theory:

The more the economy moves online, the more trade becomes time zone dependent & aligned.

This “milk powder moment” shone a spotlight on that concept in action.

This means Australia has “Home Field” time zone advantage in the game of business with more than half of the world’s population compared to people in places like Europe & the USA.

Is it easier to understand this story without a name like this for the journey?

Australia’s new milk road from Asia keeps changes our lives & economy in surprising new ways.


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