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an easy way to say –

Australia Has Changed.


China Demand for

Food & Agriculture is

Here to Stay & Grow.


(and yes, you need to change & grow too)

The New ‘Milk’ Road is simply a name – newly coined & timeless.

Milk is a metaphor for all Food, Agriculture & Health Care business flow between Australia and China.


Milk comes first in life – it’s what mothers naturally give first as food…..

……and healthcare?  our best step is healthy food.

The ‘Milk’ Road rhymes and grows in the spirit of peaceful economic development like The ‘Silk’ Road – a thousands year old route of human commerce & culture.

Silk weaves west and east – Milk flows south and north.


Naming this change – an unstoppable economic change – makes it easier for more people to adapt and grow.


You need to adapt with this big change – The New Milk Road ‘Economy’

You need to build more compatible new investment partnerships as a smart step because the whole market keeps moving in this different new direction.

This is why we offer the digital service tool – Farms and Finance

You can easily search, find and start getting to know new potential compatible investment partners.

And we make it really easy for you to start learning more – right now.

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