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A Timeless New Way to Say
What We Believe –

Investment to Improve

Food Security is

Important Now.

The New ‘Milk’ Road is a name – newly coined & timeless.

Australia’s most dynamic, fast growth “Economy”, Investment Thesis & “Stronger for Longer” trend is easier to describe with this new phrase.

It’s a metaphor for all Food, Agriculture & Health Care trade, investment, know-how, knowledge, activities, education, value and culture exchange flows between Australia and China.

Milk is the best metaphor for all food, nutrition, agribusiness and healthcare.


Milk is what mothers naturally give first as food…..

……and in healthcare, well the first step is healthy food – nutritious healthy food.

Milk of human kindness flows both ways as people work together.

The phrase also dovetails in spirit with The ‘Silk’ Road name, Old & New.

We already accept silk as a metaphor for virtually every kind of business activity, even bridges and port infrastructure, in the East / West corridor between Europe and China – far beyond where it began in history with silk.

Milk is the natural metaphor for our important South / North corridor flow.


Naming this trend makes it much easier for us as stakeholders to think, discuss and appreciate the growing value of Australia as a business partner in “The New Milk Road Economy.”

The valuable trend driving the work, flow and life of people in companies, organisations, associations and strategic industries deserves a natural name.


If you “get it” now then that’s perfect.

If you need more info, want to share advice or propose a way to work together in “The New Milk Road Economy” then just drop us a line.

We are keen to exchange thoughts on more ways to leverage this new concept.

Thanks for having a quick skim now and appreciate hearing what you think.

About Adam Gregory Goern of TPA & Co:

I am a property developer in the strategic industries of food and agriculture.

I work with talented Australian clients & partners who own, operate and co-invest in property development growing in “The New Milk Road Economy.”

To learn more about my business or get in contact then visit: