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An Easy Way to Say
What We Believe.
Food Security is Important.


Press Release

Office of the Spokesperson

Hong Kong SAR, CHINA

January 15, 2018





“The New Milk Road” is a long-term vision of an international economic and transit network that links Australia and China, with Food Security at its heart.


“The New Milk Road Economy”

The New Milk Road Economy is where more stakeholders attract new sources of foreign private-sector investment and connect to markets abroad, while generating new resources, markets, and investment opportunities across the entire region.


A common new economic language developing in Asia makes it easier for more stakeholders in the strategic industries of food & agriculture industries to communicate more efficiently.


“The New Milk Road” is new economy thinking designed to make it feasible for more business people in the different geographic south / north socio-economic spectrums to work together more efficiently to improve food security between themselves.


“The New Milk Road” vision supports continued peace and stability in Asia by improving economic growth through cooperation.


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Mr. Adam Gregory Goern




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